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I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and collect various props, pictures of which are shown below.

A HUGE thankyou to Bob, Tony and Andy for letting me borrow some of their props to drool over and take pictures of to post on this page.  If I win the Lottery then hopefully I'll be able to buy my own.

IMPORTANT: Please do not take copies of any of the images on this site without asking my permission first.

Master Replicas


Luke ROTJ Luke ROTJ Plaque Obi-Wan AOTC Obi-Wan AOTC Plaque
Yoda AOTC Yoda AOTC Plaque Count Dooku AOTC Count Dooku Plaque
Darth Vader ANH
Darth Vader ANH Plaque
Dave Prowse
Darth Vader ANH Plaque
James Earl Jones
Darth Maul Darth Maul Plaque Obi-Wan ANH Obi-Wan ANH Plaque
Luke ESB Luke ESB Plaque Mace Windu AOTC Mace Windu AOTC Plaque
Darth Maul
Battle Damaged
Darth Maul
Battle Damaged Plaque
Darth Vader ESB
Darth Vader ESB Plaque
Obi-Wan As First Built
Obi-Wan As First Built
Anakin AOTC
Anakin AOTC Plaque
Luke Elite Luke Elite Plaque    


Han Solo Blaster
Han Solo Blaster Plaque
Jedi Remote
Jedi Remote Plaque
S/No. 1977
Thermal Detonator Thermal Detonator Plaque Leia Blaster Leia Blaster Plaque
AT-AT Side AT-AT Front AT-AT Head  
Snowspeeder Snowspeeder Plaque Rebel Blaster Rebel Blaster Plaque
Stormtrooper Blaster Stormtrooper Blaster Plaque    

Shepperton Design Studios (SDS)

Stormtrooper Helmet
Stormtrooper Helmet
Andrew Ainsworth's
signature inside the helmet

Code 3 Collectibles

Millennium Falcon Millennium Falcon    
X-Wing Side X-Wing Front X-Wing Plaque  


Cinemacast Darth Vader
(same as George Lucas has
on his desk)

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