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Listed below are the events that I've taken part in (most recent first)
Date Event Role
20 Feb 05 London Symphony Orchestra, The Barbican, London

Here's what one member of the public had to say about this:

"Pearson (the presenter) then introduced an "Authentic" performance of Star Wars - Main Titles and The Empire Strikes Back - Imperial March. These works were originally recorded by the LSO and Pearson took the opportunity to introduce the Principal Trumpet, Maurice Murphy, who along with various other members of the orchestra had played on the original recording almost 30 years ago. Indeed the horn section, all 15 of them, were in their element last night and the room resonated with a sonority to shake your teeth out! During the second of these pieces 13 Imperial storm Troopers appeared from the back of the hall to take up a defensive stand in front of the orchestra! This was, to coin a phrase, a massive 'Crowd Pleaser' and one that kept everyone talking during the intermission.

To end the show Brosse gave us a powerful rendition of Star Wars - Throne Room and End Title. A standing ovation was fitting at this point.

Brosse then returned with, as an encore, the 'Flying ' theme from ET. That would have been enough but then the Imperial Stormtroopers returned, this time with Darth Vader and Boba Fett. The former muscled aside Brosse to conduct and Boba Fett grabbed the Piatti Cymbals for a lively performance of the Imperial March from Star Wars. Altogether a dramatic end to a marvellous evenings entertainment.


28 Jan 05 ExCel Toy Fair, London Docklands
27 Jan 05 International Casino Exhibition (ICE), Earls Court, London
Jedi Master
16 Jan 05 Mad Hatter's Tea Party organised by the London Taxi Drivers at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, London
Jedi Master
4 Dec 04 Promoting Dave Prowse's signing event in Banbury
Jedi Master
27/28 Nov 04 Memorabilia at the NEC Birmingham

Jedi Master
30 Oct 04 UK Garrison at Wandsworth Shopping Centre Helper

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